Stairway 24 year old Carlos “Carlito” Olivero hails from the windy city of Chicago. Singing in English and Spanish from the age of 5, he had aspirations of making singing and performing his career.

In 2007 responding to a Craigslist ad, Carlito auditioned for a lead vocalist role for the Latin Pop group Menudo. Later that year, an MTV reality television series titled Making Menudo premiered with 15 contestants competing to land a slot in the new band. Besides a return to the original name, this 2007 lineup would be the first to live under the new age cap of 20. Carlito Olivero, along with 4 other latin hopefuls were formed as the new Menudo with an album planned for release in the fall. Signed to Sony Music, the group toured in support of their debut singles “Lost” and “More Than Words”. The group disbanded the following year and Carlito relocated to Los Angeles to continue to pursue his singing career and move into the acting arena.

Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Carlito was tapped for a national Starbucks commercial (now airing) as well as a lead in the forthcoming Mario Van Peebles directed teen based film entitled “We The Party” (in theaters april 6′th 2012).

Carlito has continued to grow his songwriting skills collaborating with numerous industry pros. His Urban based Rhythmic Pop flavored with occasional Spanish language have created a unique sound which sets him apart from the male vocalists in the current pop landscape.